Lex Nokia voimaan kesäkuussa 2009

Työantajille oikeus seurata työntekijöiden sähköpostia ja Internet-selailutietoja.

Taina Tuohinon artikkeli aiheesta englanniksi:

Lex Nokia enters into force in June 2009

As a result of the enforcement of the Act on Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications (516/2004) (hereinafter the “APPEC”) in 2004, which implemented the directive 2002/58/EC, and whereby the regime applicable to telecom operators was extended to cover also companies and other corporate and association subscribers, Finland has had one of the strictest privacy legislations. The consequences of the legislation were not totally foreseeable. The provisions of APPEC have been problematic especially as concerns a corporate or association subscriber’s possibility to detect and bring into criminal investigation misuses targeted towards or exploiting the corporate or association subscriber’s own communications network. In practise corporate and association subscribers were not allowed to collect identification data (such as email or internet browsing information) to present evidence on suspected misuse of their communication network.

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