Five startups in the HH Partners Startup Pro Bono program

The following five startups were admitted to the HH Partners Startup Pro Bono program based on their applications.

PROimpact Oy
PROimpact Oy is developing an innovative web based service and is offering management consultancy to enhance strategic wellbeing at work.

Cute Attack Oy
Cute Attack Oy is a startup developing mobile games. The founding partners have a long history of working in gaming and internet fields. The founders represent three different nationalities, for which reason the international operational environment has to be paid attention to from the beginning, especially regarding contracts.

Nextdays is a startup that helps people to find and plan events together with their friends.

CrowdRelations Oy
CrowdRelations Oy is startup developing cloud based software.

GlobeOut is developing a social media based platform for lifestyle travelers.

As a part of the Startup Pro Bono program, each participant is assisted in founding a company and a shareholders’ agreement is made. In many of the companies admitted to the program these have already been made.

“By organizing this program we wanted to do our share for supporting setting up and developing of new startup companies in Finland. It was great to see that companies were interested in the program and the ones admitted to it come from various fields of business. The companies admitted to the program consist of typical technology startups, but also companies acting in travel and wellbeing. All of the companies also have a strong focus on growth. The chosen entrepreneurs share a diverse educational and work background. Some of the admitted entrepreneurs are concluding their studies, whereas others have already for long been involved with global businesses”, says Taina Tuohino, Partner at HH Partners.

One of the founders of Cute Attack Oy, Paavo Perttula, has worked in different positions in Europe and Asia within the internet branch for almost 15 years: “The level of service we have received as a part of the Startup Pro Bono program has been outstanding, and I am especially pleased by the know how that HH Partners has in this field. Their deep understanding of, among others, software development and open source matters has been of a substantial value to us, in fact, much more than what we expected. I have already, outside of the Stratup Pro Bono program, recommended the services of HH Partners to my friends.”

“By going through the matters and documents that are central to the success of a startup with a specialist from HH Partners, we made sure that our business is solidly founded and that we are ready for the rapid growth of our service that provides strategic wellbeing” says Hannele Mennala, CEO and co-founder of PROimpact Oy. “We strive to take our business global so it has been of utmost importance to consult an expert in commercial law. We were greatly impressed by the intensity by which HH Partners got into our company’s situation and needs” adds Anna-Marja Vainio, co-founder of PROimpact Oy. Both of the co-founders of PROimpact Oy have approximately 20 years of experience in development as well as in evaluating and purchasing of professional services in large global companies.

“Our experiences with our first Startup Pro Bono program have all in all been extremely positive. We have also consulted startups that are not part of the Startup Pro Bono program and supported the Slush 2011 startup conference in November of 2011 at the Cable Factory in Helsinki. We will continue to work with startup companies in the future as well”, sums up Martin von Willebrand, Partner of HH Partners.

Contacts for further information:
Taina Tuohino, Partner, Head of M&A
Martin von Willebrand, Partner, Head of technology