HH Partners attends TAGLaw European Conference in Luxembourg

TAGLaw’s European Regional Conference was held March 17–18, 2017 in Luxembourg. HH Partners was represented by our Partner Miika Erkkilä.

The Grand Chamber of the European Court Of Justice. PHOTO: Miika Erkkilä

“The most important thing over the two days was of course to meet and get to know over 60 colleagues from the European TAGLaw offices. The finest individual part of the conference’s programme was the visit to the Court of Justice of the European Union. Our local hosts had managed to arrange a guided tour to the courthouse outside its office hours on Saturday. The main topics of discussion in the conference were TAGLaw’s recent activities as well as the changes in Luxembourg’s bank secrecy and the history and the present state of its banking sector,” tells Erkkilä.

Members of TAGLaw from all over the Europe. PHOTO: TAGLaw

HH Partners’ TAGLaw relationships can help also your business: whatever or wherever your challenge or opportunity might be, we can access local and knowledgeable expertise from trusted legal counsel. For more information, please contact our TAGLaw Contacts Markku Korvenmaa or Miika Erkkilä.

For more information about HH Partners as a member of TAGLaw check out our international networks and for more information on TAGLaw, visit TAGLaw.com.