HH Partners’ Esa Korkeamäki named as IP Leader by WIPR Leaders

HH Partners’ partner Esa Korkeamäki has been named as an IP Leader in the 2021 edition of the highly recognized survey World Intellectual Property Review’s WIPR Leaders. Our partner Esa, who specializes in IP rights and licensing, was ranked as one of the leading Finnish practitioners in the publication’s patent as well as trademark category.

According to the publication, “[t]he lawyers within these pages represent those who managed to maintain the quality of their patent, trademark, and copyright advice. They have grown and protected their clients through the hardest times and, in doing so, proved themselves to be more than just a reliable counsel.”

WIPR Leaders ranks over 1700 professionals from 68 countries, and offers a comprehensive directory of the leading IP professionals from all around the world. The Leaders featured in WIPR Leaders were chosen after a four-month nomination period during which WIPR sought views from 12 000 IP professionals.