We advised Resand Oy when the company adopted its new name and brand

In the rapidly evolving world of clean technology and green transition industries, companies often have to develop not only their operations, but also their corporate identity.

Our long-term client Finn Recycling Oy, a cleantech company specializing in foundry sand recovery and recycling, approached us with a request to assist them in changing their name and brand from Finn Recycling Oy. After carrying out a wide range of searches and evaluations, the company decided to adopt the name Resand.

HH Partners’ experts Ville Öfversten, Pamela Lönnqvist and Toni Päärni assisted the company in the name change and rebranding process. The assignment included, among other things, searches on the availability and registrability of the trademark, strategic planning to protect the brand, registration and protection of trademarks, updating of company documents, clarifying legal requirements and securing domain names. Resand Oy’s brand renewal was a holistic process that included legal, strategic and communication measures, resulting in a strong new corporate identity.

Towards international growth

Resand Oy aims to increase the number of sand regeneration units in the foundry market internationally. The new name and trademark RESAND® highlight the company’s strong commitment to promoting sustainable development.

“Sand is the world’s second most sought natural resource after water, and huge quantities of industrial waste sand are transported to landfills. We want to play our part in solving this problem and promoting sustainable development. By recycling waste sand, we reduce the need for virgin sand, the transportation of sand, and the amount of waste sand going to landfill. Our new brand RESAND® sums up our company’s goal to recycle sand again and again,” says Kalle Härkki, CEO of Resand.

Founded in 2013, the company has developed a unique sand regeneration technology that enables waste sand to be cleaned and reused. Resand’s technology enables foundries to recycle almost 100% of the sand used in the process. The solution reduces the environmental footprint of virgin sand use and the carbon dioxide emissions from sand use. At the same time, it brings significant savings for foundry customers.

Resand Oy offers to its customers clean sand as a service. The RESAND® sand regeneration technology has proven to be a successful solution and the company has already implemented several commercial projects with Finnish foundries, as well as projects in Germany and Spain. The company aims for strong growth in the European foundry market and business expansion outside of Europe.

“At HH Partners, Resand Oy’s successful rebranding is proof of our dedication to offer our clients comprehensive and customer-oriented legal services,” says our lawyer Pamela Lönnqvist, who leads the IP team at HH Partners. “It has been great to be a part of Resand Oy’s rebranding process, and we are committed to assisting more and more companies with legal and strategic issues related to their business arrangements and transactions. We can be of help to companies operating in the cleantech, technology and green transition industries, for example, in all phases of their business development”.

Brand protection as a strategic advantage

In the changing world of intellectual property rights, protecting innovation and brand identity is not only a necessity, but also a strategic advantage. HH Partners combines deep industry knowledge and a thorough understanding of intellectual property law to provide our clients with comprehensive legal solutions. Our team, experienced in the complex issues of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, ensures that your company’s IP rights are not only protected but also effectively leveraged. We believe in a proactive and individual approach and tailor our services to meet each client’s individual needs and goals. Contact us to develop your IP strategy and secure your future in today’s competitive environment.

HH Partners assists in all matters related to intellectual property rights and business arrangements. For more information, please contact Pamela Lönnqvist, head of our IP practice and Ville Öfversten, head of our M&A practice.

See also the announcement about the name change on Resand Oy’s website.