Ville Öfversten acted as buyer’s counsel in the acquisition of Akaa Steel Oy by Feon Oy

Our Partner and Head of Transactions, Ville Öfversten, acted as counsel for the Finnish steel service company Feon Oy in the acquisition of the Finnish Akaa Steel Oy.

Feon Oy, owned by the family-owned Onvest Oy, is the largest Finnish steel service company on the market, with customers in the machinery and equipment manufacturing and steel construction industries. Together with its subsidiary Oy Alusteel Ab, Feon has a total turnover of about EUR 170M and employs around 220 persons in Finland.

Akaa Steel Oy, founded in 2007 and located in the town of Akaa in the Southern Pirkanmaa region, specializes in the manufacture and wholesale distribution of sheet steel products.

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