Intellectual Property

The intangible assets owned by a company play a pivotal strategic role in the company’s business operations. Safeguarding the intangible assets is usually paramount to maintaining a competitive edge in the market. We help our clients to identify the potential of their intangible assets and manage their intellectual property rights effectively as well as to maximize the benefits derived from the intangible assets.

We have extensive expertise and years of experience in handling a wide range of intellectual property assignments. We provide our clients with a holistic approach to IP rights, from the creation of an IP strategy, through the preliminary examination phase, to its commercialization. Additionally, we assist our clients in enforcing their IP rights and resolving any IP disputes that may arise.

Our IP expertise covers, for example:

  • patents and utility models
  • trademarks, company names, and domains
  • design rights
  • copyrights
  • employee inventions
  • trade secrets
  • unfair business practices
  • marketing and advertising

The accurate identification, properly targeted and timely protection, management, enforcement, and consistent utilization of intellectual property rights are key drivers of a company’s business success.

We apply our extensive industry knowledge effectively to offer our clients business-oriented IP advice tailored to the unique needs of each client.

We assist our clients with a wide range of IP related matters, such as:

  • IP strategy
  • employee invention policy and compensation policy
  • trade secret policy
  • brand and trademark strategies covering company names and domains
  • litigation and arbitration
  • commercial and strategic advice on the utilization of IP rights
  • contract negotiations
  • drafting and negotiating IP related contracts, such as research and development agreements, licensing agreements, sales agreements, franchising agreements, and coexistence agreements
  • assistance with national, international, and EU-wide trademark applications
  • trademark and design portfolio management
  • monitoring and renewals of existing IP rights
  • IP Due Diligence within the context of mergers and acquisitions
  • IP auditing

We also provide customized training on intellectual property rights to meet the specific needs of our clients.

The expertise and experience of our lawyers in managing a wide range of IP assignments have long been recognized in various international ranking publications. Our recognized expertise in intellectual property law is complemented by the extensive experience of our lawyers in technology law matters.

We represent our clients before:

  • The Market Court
  • The Supreme Administrative Court
  • The Supreme Court
  • The Court of Justice of the European Union and the General Court
  • The Finnish Patent and Registration Office, EUIPO and WIPO in opposition and invalidity proceedings
  • The Copyright Council
  • The Employee Invention Committee
  • The Board of Business Practice
  • The District Courts, the Courts of Appeals, and the Supreme Court in IP related criminal cases

Our extensive international network of IP professionals allows us to assist our clients in IP matters worldwide.