Ecomlex launches comprehensive AI and Data Protection Guidebook that covers most European countries

We are excited to share a comprehensive AI guidebook, a collaborative effort by our international network Ecomlex. The guidebook provides a general understanding of what should be taken into account when personal data is processed in connection with AI tools. The guidebook includes notable contributions from HH Partners’ Martin von Willebrand and Sonja Laamanen.

The guidebook offers a detailed exploration of the current positions of national data protection authorities in Europe.  The guide includes insights from 19 countries, including e.g. Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The Guidebook tackles critical questions, including the legal basis for using personal data in training AI models, competent regulators for enforcing AI laws, and the issuance of sanctions related to AI models. Delving deeper, the guidebook not only navigates the current landscape but also sheds light on ongoing legislative initiatives and pertinent case law developments. HH Partners has prepared the Finland section of the guide, analysing the national legal context in the broader EU framework.

Since 2001, we have been a member of Ecomlex, a European network of law firms focused on e-commerce, technology, data protection and privacy.

You can download the Guidebook here. Stay tuned in the Spring of 2024 for our upcoming article series, providing deeper insights into responsible use of AI.