Trade Secrets

Registration of intellectual property rights is not always the most suitable commercial solution for companies, if they wish to protect valuable information or technology from competition. It is important to understand what trade secrets are and how to  strategically utilize them in different situations. Choosing the right type of protection requires knowledge and experience. Therefore, it is important to understand how a company’s trade secrets are acquired, developed and utilized  when competing against other companies.

Both small and large companies should have internal processes in place to ensure that their know-how and confidential information is protected.

  • Is confidentiality adequately protected in agreements with company employees, consultants, suppliers and partners?
  • Who has access to confidential information?
  • Are there internal procedures and technical safeguards in place to ensure that only those who need access to the information actually have access to it?

We help our clients to protect their know-how and confidential information through legal and strategic measures, employee training, regular data security and documentation management.

We assist in defending your company’s rights if you suspect illegal use of your company’s trade secrets.

We offer customised legal advice for example in

  • Drafting and negotiating agreements to keep sensitive and valuable information confidential, such as non-disclosure agreements, research and development agreements, various industrial cooperation agreements and clinical trial agreements
  • Assistance in establishing procedures and policies for the acquisition, protection, development and application of company’s confidential information
  • Assessing the protection of valuable confidential information in different types of transactions

We represent our clients in trade secret disputes before:

  • The Market Court
  • General Courts
  • Arbitration Tribunals