Artificial Intelligence

The development of artificial intelligence has changed the way companies do business. Companies are increasingly using various AI and machine learning solutions to improve the efficiency of their business operations and to develop new products and services. While AI creates countless new business opportunities for companies, the development and deployment of new technologies also entails risks and legal issues related to, for example, intellectual property rights.

The successful development and deployment of AI solutions requires extensive expertise in the regulatory environment for AI, the legal framework for which is set by the forthcoming EU AI Regulation. In addition, various aspects of intellectual property law, technology law and data protection are highlighted in AI matters.

We help our clients with the following:

  • strategic advising in all areas related to AI projects
  • drafting and negotiating AI contracts, such as cooperation agreements, licensing agreements, supply agreements, product development agreements
  • identifying and managing the risks associated with AI solutions
  • specific regulatory questions
  • aspects of intellectual property law related to AI
  • protection of trade secrets
  • data protection issues related to AI
  • competition law advice regarding AI