Our firm is known as a leading copyright expert in Finland.  Copyright protects creative work in all its forms. Copyright gives creators an exclusive right to decide how their works are used. Copyright is established when a work is created, provided that the work is the independent and original result of the author’s intellectual creation. In Finland, copyright does not need to be registered.

Our experts have extensive experience in representing rightholders in a wide range of creative industries (e.g. in the fields of entertainment, gaming, music, art, fashion, design, literature, publishing, film, retail, ecommerce and media) in all aspects of copyright and related rights. We have particularly extensive expertise in the management of copyright and related rights. Our experts also have experience in collective management of intellectual property rights.

Digitalisation, the platform economy and artificial intelligence bring both challenges and new opportunities for the commercialisation and use of copyrighted works. Some of the commercially significant types of copyright works include computer programs and databases, but the effectiveness of copyright protection for these works is somewhat more limited than for more traditional types of works, due to their specific characteristics.

We advise our clients on the following:

  • preparation of a copyright strategy
  • copyright management and royalties
  • licensing and agreement negotiations
  • drawing up contracts
  • acquisitions and transfers of copyright
  • management and mitigation of the risks of copyright infringement
  • intervention in case of copyright infringement
  • copyright disputes
  • cease and desist letters
  • take down requests of unauthorised content or products
  • dealing with counterfeiting and piracy
  • copyright registration, e.g. in the US and China

We represent our clients in copyright matters before:

  • The Market Court
  • The Supreme Court
  • The Copyright Council
  • The District court (criminal cases)
  • The European Court of Justice

In addition, we offer training on copyright and related rights.

Our lawyers have long been recognised in international rankings for their experience and professionalism in handling a wide range of copyright matters.