Our Firm

Since its establishment our office has been based on the principle of true partnership. This means that all our partners own equal shares of our office and that the profit of our office is divided equally among partners. The billings of an individual partner do not affect his/her salary either. Correspondingly, the salaries of our lawyers are based on fixed monthly wages.

We see that the principle of true partnership supports the cumulation of our lawyers’ know-how and the open, conversational work culture within the firm. Our clients benefit from the principle of true partnership, because our lawyers can direct assignments to the lawyer who best knows the matter. An individual lawyer does not need to safeguard his/her personal billings to ensure the accrual of his/her salary.

The principle of true partnership adds to our firm’s focus on the know-how of our experts: it supports the capitalization of the entire firm’s expertise both in handling individual assignments and in building a winning expertise. Indeed, our expertise is internationally recognized.