Marketing and Media

Technological development is constantly changing marketing and media environment in which companies operate. New digital platforms create new marketing opportunities and channels. Although new marketing tools and channels offer companies countless opportunities to implement their marketing strategies, they also create new requirements for processing personal data, for example.

Successful marketing requires extensive expertise in intellectual property laws, the Consumer Protection Act, the Unfair Business Practices Act, data protection legislation and other marketing and media regulations. Copyright and trademark aspects interconnect with marketing law matters, for example and especially, in the context of comparative advertising.

By combining our expertise in the fields of marketing law, intellectual property law and data protection, we help our clients succeed in a changing and demanding environment.

We advise our clients in a wide variety of marketing and media-related matters, such as:

  • Copyright and trademark matters related to marketing
  • Management of intellectual property rights in marketing communication in different digital platforms, including the use of photos, music and other content in marketing
  • Environmental claims, climate, nutrition and health claims, greenwashing and good business practice
  • Packaging, labelling and branding
  • Licensing, sponsoring and other collaboration agreements
  • Marketing communication guidelines and reports
  • Comparative advertising
  • Influencer and content marketing
  • Privacy and register notices
  • Regulatory matters related to keyword advertising
  • Requests for removal on e-commerce websites and platforms

We represent our clients in market law disputes before:

  • The Market Court
  • The Council of Ethics in Advertising
  • The Central Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Business Practice
  • The Copyright Council
  • The District Courts

The experience and professional skills within fields of IP and marketing law have for a long time been recognized in various international rankings within these fields of law.