As part of the EU’s digital strategy, a number of new acts on the use of data have been adopted and/or proposed, such as the Data Act and the Data Governance Act. The aim of these acts is to make the digital environment as functional, secure and fair as possible. The EU’s vision is that non-personal data can flow freely between countries and sectors and be used equally by businesses, researchers and public authorities across the EU. What are the rights and obligations regarding data held by a company? What should a company take into account when using or sharing data? Which agreements are the most appropriate for different aspects of data sharing or licensing?

We help our clients with the following:

  • Data strategy and policy;
  • Analysis of the processing of data, followed by a customised action plan for meeting the requirements of the applicable regulatory framework in practice;
  • Data related service agreements (SaaS, IoT etc);
  • Drafting and negotiating other data related agreements, such as data sharing agreements, research and development agreements, licensing agreements, cooperation agreements;
  • Specific regulatory matters;
  • Identification of applicable sector or technology-specific legislation;
  • Intellectual Property related risks and safeguards when collecting, storing and using data, including specific rules related to  trade secrets.