Employment Law

We provide our domestic and international clients with comprehensive and high level of expertise employment law services as part of our business law practise. Employment law is a heavily regulated field where attention to detail plays a crucial role. Our employment law services enable our clients to focus on and promote their core business, aiming to be industry leaders. Thanks to our extensive international network, we are also well-positioned to assist our clients nearly anywhere in the world.

Our employment law services include the following:

  • Employment law related counselling and document drafting

    We provide both domestic and international companies and individuals with expert legal advice on various employment law related issues, such as in issues related to employment and director agreements, terms of employment, employer practices and amendments to them, collective bargaining agreements, warning procedures, terminations of employment as well as issues related to confidentiality, non-solicitation and non-competition agreements.

  • Labour relations in connection with M&A 

    We advise our clients in resolving employment law related issues that may emerge in connection with diverse M&A activities. Our team of employment law experts provides constant support to our client companies throughout M&A related procedures , including in conducting due diligence.

  • Co-operation procedures and restructuring

    We serve our clients in conducting co-operation procedures and restructuring arrangements in a professional and comprehensive manner from planning to implementation. We advise our clients in identifying solutions that are best suited for them, all the while ensuring the uninterrupted continuity of their business operations.

  • Employment dispute resolution

    We advise our clients with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency on various kind of employment law related disputes, always comprehensively considering the interests and wishes of our clients.

  • Employment law training

    We organise employment law training tailored to our clients’ needs in both Finnish and English.

  • Incentive and commitment arrangements

    We assist our clients in various arrangements related to employee engagement, such as the preparation of stock option programs and shareholder agreements.

  • Whistleblowing

    We provide a WhistleSafe® service, which enables your company not only to harness both the advantages of an external service provider and the advantages associated in the advocacy in general but also to easily comply withthe  requirements of the “Whistleblower Act”. The realisation of our service takes into consideration the needs of its users, allowing them to focus on their core business. The realisation of our service also increases the independence and credibility of the reporting channel.

  • Identifying and updating of the employer’s obligations as a company, including protection of privacy in the working life

    We assist our clients to ensure that they fulfil their legal obligations and are aware of best practices related to them.