Whistleblowing Channel

HH Partners, Attorneys-at-law Ltd. has partnered together with Lantero AB to provide you a turnkey whistleblowing channel service. In addition to the channel itself, the service includes support for the channel’s implementation phase, as well as case screening, reporting and proposals for further actions by experienced lawyers. Primarily in charge of the whistleblowing process is Miika Erkkilä, attorney-at-law, partner, and Terhi Lehtopolku, attorney-at-law.

The channel itself i.e., the platform on which we communicate, is provided by Lantero. Lantero AB is a company with a long line of experience in providing Whistleblowing channels in Sweden and Europe. Together with Lantero, we have adjusted the channel to comply with Finnish legislation, and we will continue to work together to maintain a compliant channel that effectively implements the requirements of the legislation.

Whistleblowing channel turnkey service, what does it mean?


Implementing a whistleblowing channel into the company’s practices requires actions that may initially seem laborious. The introduction of new practices requires, among other things, you to undergo the procedure under the Co-operation Act and the updating of the company’s policies regarding. In addition, the channel requires training and other documentation. As part of our service, we have prepared for you templates for the necessary documentation, training material for both staff and management, and guidance on the co-operation process. In addition to these, we will guide you through the legal processes involved in getting started.


With a simple and reliable service, employees and others are prepared to report information about possible misconducts. Using an external service provider increases the reliability of the service and makes it possible for the whistleblower to remain anonymous in relation to the employer. A low whistleblowing threshold also benefits the company, as it allows the company to obtain information quickly and exclusively about misconducts that may cause serious harm to the company in the future. Our experts review all disclosures received through the service and ask the whistleblower further questions through the service. We will not receive any further identifying information of the whistleblower if the whistleblower does not wish to do so. After a preliminary investigation, the experts will prepare a report on the disclosure to the contact persons appointed by the company. The report also has a follow-up recommendation if, in our view, such is required. If the disclosure concerns matters outside the purpose of the channel, then we will direct the whistleblower to turn to the right unit within the company. We will also prepare a summary compliance report at certain pre-agreed intervals of how much traffic the channel has had in your company.


Based on the disclosure, we recommend further investigation if necessary. The further investigation will be carried out mainly by the company concerned by the disclosure. The investigation may require vast knowledge relating to law and the appropriate legal approach. If our client company wishes, we, HH Partners Attorneys-at-law Ltd., can also carry out the investigation phase in accordance with our separate price list. This service is always negotiated separately.

In our report, we always make a recommendation if we think the matter requires further action on the part of the company or not. Further investigation is, in principle, carried out by the company itself. However, the investigation process must consider legal constraints, such as the protection of privacy, the secrecy of correspondence and other protection systems provided by labour law. The right legal approach must be chosen. We can also carry out the further investigations of the case together with you. However, due to its nature, such investigation is not included in the pricing of the service but is carried out in accordance with the normal prices of HH Partners Attorneys-at-Law Ltd, and an assignment is prepared for this purpose.