HH Partners now offers Whistleblowing channel service. Our service is called WhistleSafe and it differs from other services currently on the market in many ways. For instance, the service includes preliminary processing of reports made through the service. This preliminary processing means that the merits of the report and the need for any further investigation is assessed by our lawyer familiar with the Whistleblowing regulation.

EU level regulation on the Whistleblowing channel has already entered into force and corresponding national legislation is expected to be implemented by the end of the year 2022.

Initially the regulation will apply to organisations employing at least 250 persons. Later the obligation to set up a Whistleblowing channel will apply to organisations that employ at least 50 persons.

Our WhistleSafe service has been developed in cooperation with our pilot customers. Based on this piloting cooperation we have developed our service user-friendly. The technical reporting channel used in service is provided by our experienced Swedish partner Lantero AB.

The benefits of using WhistleSafe

By using our service, you get both the benefits of using an external service provider and the overall benefits associated with attorney-at-law services. These include:

  • the legal expertise provided by HH Partners as a law firm at all stages of use of the channel;
  • the additional independence and credibility that a law firm brings to the channel compared to other external service providers; and
  • the regulated confidentiality that comes with using attorney-at-law services.

Our WhistleSafe service includes the following central elements:

  • technical reporting channel provided by Lantero AB for sending and receiving of reports;
  • assistance in the implementation of the reporting channel;
  • the necessary document templates for the implementation and use of the channel, including cooperation procedure documents, training and information materials as well as a draft for a Whistleblowing policy document;
  • regular summary reporting of the reports received through the channel for further internal processing; and
  • the preliminary processing of reports received through the channel by our lawyers.

WhistleSafe is priced reasonably and is also possible to be implemented entirely at a fixed price.

Even if your organisation does not have a legal obligation to implement a reporting channel, the implementation is still advisable. It is in the interest of the organisation, its owners, and the management to receive information on any problems as early as possible. In addition, by implementing a reporting channel, you are communicating to your personnel, stakeholders and partners that you take issues of responsibility and ethics seriously.

For further information contact our experts:

Attorney Terhi Lehtopolku

Attorney Miika Erkkilä

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